Bruce Packer, Support Act SA Committee, Go-Set Magazine

I first met Bryan back in the late 1960’s when I was a journalist for the Melbourne publication, Go-Set Magazine. At the time I worked under the name Bruce King, and I needed a photographer to take pictures of local bands, artists and venues for the Adelaide content in Go-Set.  How I met Bryan is unclear now, but we clicked, and not only did he produce some outstanding photographs, but we became good friends.

In 1972 we both headed of to London, me as tour manager with Adelaide based band Fraternity, and Bryan as a photographer of on an adventure of a lifetime in swinging London.

We lost touch with each other, but fast forward to 2017, I had retired from working, and joined the local Support Act Ltd, committee, whose purpose was to fund-raise on behalf of the charity supporting music professionals down on their luck, suffering ill health, or generally in need of some support. Support Act is a National charity based in Sydney, and locally we run a monthly luncheon on the third Thursday of the month currently at the Highway Hotel.  Bryan and another old mutual friend turned up for lunch one day, much to my surprise and delight.

Forward to February 2019, and Bryan donated one of his limited edition prints for auction at our luncheon.  There was some spirited bidding, and the print finally sold for $910.00.  We were extremely grateful for Bryan’s generous donation, but that was Bryan, a lovely guy, a generous spirit, and a man of great talent.  Taken from us to soon.  Our condolences to Bryan’s family and friends in your loss, may your memories burn brightly.