David M

Whenever I hear a Fleetwood Mac tune on the radio I immediately think of Bryan. As well as his prowess as a sport photographer, he also seemed to take many of the pics when rock groups performed at Memorial Drive or elsewhere. Apart from anything else, he used to be able to negotiate entry to the Drive with recalcitrant promoters. But he captured some great pics, of Mick Jagger when the Rolling Stones were there, and a wonderful image of Stevie Nicks, performing there. Going on jobs with Bryan was always interesting. When he was building a house, he’d pull the car up somewhere and say: ‘I’ve just got to pop in here to see a bloke’, to talk to him about picking up something he’d be recycling as part of the development. It never took long and never took us out of our way, and it was with the inevitable good humour that was Bryan’s trademark. His smile is imprinted on my mental image now, as it always has been when he’s sprung to mind. So many memories.