Kyum Fuss

I have just read a memory shared by “DAVID H” about Bryan taking photographs of the Rolling Stones etc, which brought back to my memory how Bryan and I went to Centennial hall in 1966 to see the Stones in action, and then in 1968 we went to The Who’s concert there… we were in the upper level seats, and at the aisle… we got up and started to dance, but some nasty security blob came and pushed us back into our seats!!!

In (I think) around 1969, Bob Marley was here, not doing a show, but was staying at what was then The Arkaba Court Motel on the corner of Florence Street and Glen Osmond Road… Bryan went to photograph him and somehow cajoled me into going with him to a party there for Bob, at which there was a large contingent of mid to late teen hangers-on, much like ourselves, and a very present strange pervasive aroma of something burning, no idea what it was, but tried some anyway.

On another note, I believe Denise has a copy of a photograph taken of Bryan hanging out of the doorway a Cessna 172 taking photos of a filling Lake Eyre, with either one or two colleagues making sure that he didn’t go all the way out of the plane!

Any chance, Denise, that you could add that photo to this site, just to show another of the sort of things that Bryan got up to?    Thanks.