• Kirstie and Billy Davoren

    I have wonderful happy memories of Bryan. Having looked after Daniel and Lauren when they were young and watching Dad and Bryan build numerous projects together.

    So many fond memories of Bryan, all of which bring a smile to our faces.

    One in particular which is often retold occurred when Bryan and Denise stayed with us at Black Point.  Bryan had brought his boat over and was keen to get some crabs so came prepared and brought some bones for the crab nets with him. 

    With freezer space at a minimum, the crab bait was put in the neighbour’s shed freezer.  Bryan retrieved the bait and used it in his nets and it wasn’t until the neighbour’s went to the freezer to get their nice cut of beef and found only a bag of bones that the realisation came that the crabs had been feasting on some quality beef.  We were all in hysterics, a funny little story x

    Hard to believe he’s not with us anymore but the memories will live on xx

  • Linden Park 50 year reunion group

    Bryan was treasured by his old Linden Park Primary School contemporaries. He had kept in touch with many –  given that he knew just about everyone in Adelaide and had kept up a number of friendships from school days.

    The Linden Park 50 year reunion in 2012 was  a huge success  with Bryan and  his committee succeeding in locating about 80 of the 100 old scholars who were still alive. Over 50 came to the reunion – which was a joyous event and which gave rise to many rekindled friendships and further dinners. Bryan was the driving force. His perpetual good cheer made it happen and helped make it very special.

    Out of the 50 year reunion came the idea to write two books “Our Fathers’ and “Our Mothers’ about our extraordinary parents and their formative experiences (on them and us) as a result of the depression and World War 2. Both books were written by old scholars from the reunion and published by Wakefield Press. Bryan’s work in finding, collating and presenting the photos for both books made them even more special.

    We will miss him greatly as our very dear friend and at our future reunions.

    The Linden Park Mob

  • Samela Harris

    Whenever the Pic Ed said Bryan was to be the ‘tog with whom I would be doing a job, I knew it would be a good day. He always worked perceptively as a team, ensuring that the shot he was getting would marry with and lift a story. He cared about the journo’s ideas for the story but was not afraid to make his own suggestions which were, of course, usually excellent since he was a seasoned pro. And, let’s face it, there are only so many stories in the world. The big skill is to breathe a sense of newness into familiar old themes. Bryan had that skill along with a lovely, even temperament and a joie de vivre which made him a treasure among workmates. Vale.

  • Dave Brecht

    Bryan and I were special friends at Linden Park Primary School since 1958. We used to hang out after school and on weekends with our “gang”, quite often meeting up in Hazelwood Park on a Saturday afternoon. Sometimes a bunch of us would go to the old track on Conyngham Street in Glenside and race our bicycles around the dirt circuit, pretending we were speedway riders at Rowley Park. On other occasions, we took our soapbox racers to a steeply inclined street in St Georges and came tearing down the hill, whooping with excitement. Whatever we were doing after school, we usually hurried back to Bryan’s home in time to watch our heroes, The Three Stooges. Bryan was full of energy and fun and the time spent with him was always enjoyable.
    After we finished Year 7 at Linden Park and received our Progress Certificates, we went to different high-schools and drifted apart. It was a real pleasure to renew the friendship in January 2012 when Bryan contacted me and asked me to help with the preparations for our 50-year reunion for the Linden Park senior class of 1962. He was still exactly the same guy I remembered and we still had the same affinity. In our first meeting in 2012, at the Robin Hood Hotel, I found myself calling him “Charlie” which was the nickname he was mostly known by back at Linden Park. After the reunion, I made a point of keeping in touch with Bryan and we planned a number of events for our old Linden Park classmates.
    I’m deeply saddened by Bryan’s passing and it took me by surprise. I always imagined he’d recover and come back strong and go right on being Bryan. He touched many people’s lives and was admired and respected by his many friends. We’ve lost a great guy and he will be missed very much and never forgotten.

  • Rick Burnett

    I have just finished “attending” via Zoom the wonderful celebration of Bryan’s life.. the messages from old mates and loving family, Denise, Lauren and Daniel had me bawling and laughing in equal and overwhelming proportions.. having known and loved this unique man for 50 years.. I wonder where the time went and regret not spending more time in his warm and friendly company.

    I wish I could have made it to Adelaide to share all our memories of Bryan with you all.. friends forever through Bryan!

    The words, music and images will be a timeless legacy.. rip old mate.

  • Frank and Lorna Baron


    I have known Bryan since he came to London on a sabbatical from the Tizer and we have been friends ever since.

    I visited him in Adelaide many times and remember especially when he invited me to the Toucan club for my birthday. Towards midnight the lights went out and a birthday cake appeared. I had a piece of cake and felt wonderful. Bryan offered me another piece with a very “Bryan”smile on his face, innocently I accepted. 
    The next day I was covering cricket with Bryan at the Adelaide Oval, I didn’t take many pictures……


    Bryan was not someone to sit around. When he and Denise  came to visit us a few years ago I happened to mention I wanted some vegetable planters, with that he had a plan and by the following day they were built.
    We will miss you Bryan and wish we could have spent more time with you, we always had fun, you will leave a space in our lives


  • Dianne Skull

    I have known Bryan from day dot almost. His family lived on Lestrange Street and my family lived in Conyngham Street with the Glenunga Ovals between us.
    We both attended Linden Park Demonstration School from Grade 1 to 7.
    We both had a connection with the Glenunga Uniting (Methodist) Church and attended youth group there.
    Bryan’s mother and father, Dawn and Leon Charlton, were customers and friends of my parents, Bill and Iris Corey. Dad had a butcher shop on Glen Osmond Road and Bryan remembered receiving fritz from my Dad to eat on his way home on the back of his mother’s bike sitting in a cane chair.
    It was a pleasure to work with Bryan on the Committee to organise the Class of 62 Linden Park Demonstration School Reunion held in 2012 and subsequently with the production of our two books – Our Fathers and Our Mothers.
    Bryan will be missed by many but I will miss our chats and his friendship.
    Vale Bryan

  • Conny & Juergen & Tom & Paul Faller

    Bryan was a truly kind and generous friend. We first met him on our honeymoon trip to Australia and he (and Denise!) was just there for us. Though living in Germany being far away, the friendship stayed and we could meet several times in Europe. Here the pics from Denise & Bryan’s last visit in summer 2019 and our special time in Berlin.

    We will miss you.

    Lots of love, and big hugs to you Denise, Lauren and Daniel.

  • Jo Dennis

    I had the pleasure of first meeting Bryan in the early 90’s. 

    In my role as the Sturt Zone Manager/Convenor for the Saturday Schools Football -SASFA- Bryan for 22 (1995-2016) out of my 30 years volunteered his time for 3/4 Saturdays each year to take each teams, (Year 2 – 5 and in the earlier years also the 6/7s), photos at the Lightning Carnivals. This could be up to 60 teams over the year. He only missed the odd day over these years and that was only if he had to take an official photo for some big news event.   

    He always used to tell a hilarious story of how I got him to volunteer and how he lasted so long as the official photographer. We had many a laugh on these days and he and I together would have it organised with clockwork precision. Bryan although undertaking this as a volunteer still was the consummate professional and so woe betide any parent who tried to take a photo until he was finished. Bryan would then collate them all for me on a USB, I would collect the USB, have all the team photos developed, and then the School Delegates would paste them on to a Lightning Carnival certificate for presentation at the End of Season. Everyone really appreciated him doing this as well as all the players who were able to have a memento of their time playing School footy .

    Bryan also for 10 years from 2006-2015 on one Sunday during winter would also volunteer his time for me to take the team photo/s of the Sturt Mini League Development Squad. This was also taken with precision clockwork. Greg who was one of the Coaches would invariably get told off by Bryan for mucking around, and told to behave so he could take the photo. He then with Denise’s assistance would organise the photo with all the names, email it to me so I could proof read, then once approved he would organise the photos to be printed for all the parents who wished to purchase, and it was always at cost price. Again all of us really appreciated Bryan undertaking this photo shoot for us. 

    The photo shown is Bryan and Denise in September 2016 at the ‘Maid Hotel’ at our School Delegates and Officials ‘End of Season Thankyou Dinner’ where we presented Bryan with a glass plaque and probably a bottle of red!! Thank you again Bryan for all the years you volunteered I really, really appreciated it. I was looking forward to catching up with you for a coffee soon but unfortunately that is not to be. RIP. 

    Greg and I send our sincere condolences to Denise, Daniel and Lauren and families. Our thoughts are with you. xx